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Family session full of outtakes! ~ Tucson Family Photographer: Sobecki Photography

January 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

You guys are going to love this one.

This family session provided me with some of my favorite outtakes... and I LOVE me some outtakes.  Our photoshoot was so fun for me, we shot at one of my favorite locations here in Tucson AND I was also their newborn photographer - so it was neat to see how big sweet Acelyn had gotten in a year.

Everyone showed up looking casual but still very trendy and put-together. I love their wardrobe choices.  Not too dressy, but still chic.  And just look at their smiles!  That's the greatest accessory.  One of the best ways to ensure a fabulous family session is to make sure that both mom and dad are into it... you know what I mean?  Like, dad isn't irked that he's missing the game or hates picture day and wants everyone to know it... moms are always pretty good about being relaxed and fun during sessions.  Even if they are faking it till they make it.  Dads are another story, they have a tendency to show up and kind of just put up with it.  I don't typically have that issue with my clients (anymore) because I make sure to communicate to them prior to our session that dad's attitude will totally set the tone of the session!  Kids look to dad to decide how they feel about picture day, so show them that you're excited and want to have fun and they will, too!  Well this dad had a great demeanor during our session and it shows...and it is contagious.  They had fun, I had fun.  And I delivered 125 images.  My website says I guarantee 30 images, but if I like more than 30, I give you more than 30.  I promise not to throw away photos just to stick to the number 30.  

I love how her little feet are crossed


My babies always went through a "scrunchy nose" phase, too - so adorable


Mom's arms... Acelyn's destination of choice 


I like to include photos of moms and dads helping out...and then getting out of my shot 


Worth the work!


their sweet


When the baby just takes over and it's perfection


Look ma!


I mean, c'mon! That's just funny.



How about a backhand to the face, mom



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