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Lifestyle Newborn Photography. It's mah jam. ~ {Tucson Newborn Photographer}

May 10, 2016  •  4 Comments

So, here's the deal.  I love me some newborns, you guys know this.  I have decided that lifestyle sessions are my favorite.  It's the same approach I take with all of my work:  family photography, weddings and children... why not apply it to my newborn work as well?   I will no longer be setting up detailed studio shots with props and backdrops nor will I be putting baby into poses that seem unnatural or require two people accomplish.  Not because there is anything wrong with studio sessions - but because that is not what I want to shoot.  BTW - I enjoy ALL types of newborn photography - but what gives me all the feels, as they say, are the lifestyle images.  I have friends that do AMAZING studio sessions with newborns and I will gladly refer new mommas to them if that is the type of session they are looking for.  I ain't mad atcha.  But for me, I want to come to your home with just a few soft, neutral blankets/wraps/hair pretties and document every detail of your new baby in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, nursery...  Just snuggling.  Smelling their head.  Cuddling with the whole family.  Curious big brothers and sisters.  Feeding/changing/rocking the baby.   Capturing the nursery that you spent months decorating.  That quilt that grandma sent.  Giving baby a bath in the kitchen.  I want everything that shows up in an image to trigger a memory or an emotion years later.  The way your baby slept with their arms over their head or how they would turn their face into your neck while you rocked them to sleep and their breath was the best thing ever.  Let's capture all that good stuff.

Below is Everett's session from last month and I am in love with it.



Sobecki Photography {Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley}
Thanks for the kind words, ladies!!
Absolutely love it! Very natural and captures special family moments!
Sharon hartzell(non-registered)
Great family pictures. I especially love the ones with Taylor sitting next to her big brother
I love this so much!! Can't wait to see all of your pictures in this style! Love the ones you've done already!
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