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Lifestyle Videography & Why it's right for you! { Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Family Photographer }

August 07, 2015  •  1 Comment


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You will love them.  Boom.  I don't need to convince you, right?  


Well, let me tell you why, anyway.  You will not only ADORE this session, you will want one every year.  EVERY YEAR I SAY!

You know what's not fun?  Trying to get a 2-5yr old to do anything "pose".  They are active and impulsive and posing, to them, sucks big time.  I'm just telling it like it is, here.  During a normal family photoshoot, I try not to do too much posing.  I don't want everyone looking stiff and uncomfortable.  I sort of just put you all together and let everyone get comfy.  If something looks off or out of place, I will correct it, but for the most part - I just want everyone snuggled up like they love each other.  2-5yr olds are my biggest challenge, so I will try to make a game out of anything I possibly can.  That usually works.  Awesome!  But guess what is even better?!  A Family Video session, that's what!  We get to capture and document all of that personality in a way that photos simply cannot.  The awkward way your 1yr old walks because she just learned last week.  The loud laugh your 3yr old emits when dad makes fart noises.  How your middle child snuggles you and you make sure not to let go first because you want him to stay there for as long as he wants to be in your arms.   

When you book your Fusion Documentary Session, you are in for a rare treat.  We will work together to plan activities that will show off everyone's personality and capture the things that you love.  Those fleeting phases that your children go through so quickly before they enter another phase that you also love even though you miss the old phase.  We will get photos and video.  We can be indoors or outdoors or both!  We can make it anything you want.  And the best part,  to me, anyway... Is that MOM gets to be in it.   C'mon moms, let's get you out from behind the camera.  You spend all year documenting your family with your camera or phone, in pictures and videos.  Where are the pictures and videos of you?!  How would anyone know you were there?! Thank God for the selfie, amiright!?   

I feel reallysuperdupercrazystrongly about these sessions.  I have a horrible memory, I always have.  I can't describe a single childhood birthday party of my own or a family vacation.  No joke.  I even ask my husband to tell me stories about MY OWN children's first couple of years because I honestly cannot recall very many specific details.  Example - Husband:  Remember when Colin did so and so?  Me: He did?  Was it cute?  What did I say?  Do we have pictures of that?   ...Now that I'm typing that, I feel like I should see a doctor.  Sounds pretty bad.  What was I saying....?  Oh right!  Memories.  I am always taking photographs and videos because I know that they are my memory, my external memory.  Just like my computer has a hard drive and I don't fully trust it, so I have an external hard drive incase my computer forgets something.  It's my back up memory.  You like that analogy?  I just now came up with it as I was typing.  *pats self on back*

My point is this:  These sessions are fun.  They are easy.  They are worth so much more than the dollar amount that I've chosen.  Your family's film will be watched many times over and by many generations.  If you value high quality photo and video, make the decision to document yourself with your family at least once a year.   Seriously.  Even if I'm not the one you choose.  You will be glad, your kid's will be glad, your grandchildren will be glad...and your husband will get over it - it's just once a year guys!


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So I am pregnant, which doesn't help keep emotions in check, but wow, that was beautiful and made me cry. Captures all those amazing feelings in a family and the kids in their raw, playful form. Just amazing. makes me want to get a video of our family someday. Love the song too and the interactions between the fam members. that's really special.
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