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Solomon's Birth Story | Tucson Birth Photographer

March 23, 2014  •  3 Comments

I can't tell you how amazing it was to capture the birth of Solomon.  I couldn't believe that I have been wanting to photograph a birth for so long and it ended up happening on MY birthday.  Of all the people who could have contacted me, and of all the was meant to be.  

His parents, Kiersten & Daniel, chose to have a home birth and Daniel even delivered his son.  Watching Kiersten labor for hours was difficult.  It's not easy to watch someone in so much pain and not be able to do anything to help.  Not only that, but there I was taking pictures of it... She was so calm and Daniel was exactly how I would want my husband to behave.  He never left her side, he rubbed her back, helped her in and out of many different positions, he spoke calmly and quietly.  You know what else Daniel did?  When the clock struck midnight, he turned to me and said, "happy birthday".  

Kiersten is pretty much my hero, and any woman who delivers naturally.  I love me some epidural and can't really relate to other women when they talk about labor pains...I never had any.  She never screamed or got very loud, she was very much in control and focused.  She was amazing. Period.

 Their oldest daughter, Jade, was there as well.  She is 8yrs old and is just a really great kid.  We watched Frozen together and sang all of the songs and talked about how much we hate Hans.  My boys watched their brothers be born and my oldest cut the cord on my youngest, so I loved that Jade was there and she helped cut the cord, too.  It's something she will always remember, I know my son still talks about it.  Here she is having a little power nap with Grandma.

Solomon was born at 1:38am into the hands of his daddy.  He looked right at his mommy and nursed like a champ.  Kiersten is involved with Le Leche League, so she was pretty impressed with his superior latching ability.

Solomon weighed over 8 pounds and is absolutely beautiful.  

Congratulations to the whole family and a HUGE thank you from me!  I also really enjoyed my time with the midwives, Misty and Billie, they were so knowledgable, I feel like I took a birthing class.  

 I plan on accepting only a few births per year, between being on call, having 3 kids of my own and my other sessions, it would be difficult for me to do very many, but I LOVE it so much! So please contact me if you'd like to secure your spot on my calendar.  

Please comment below, I'd love to hear about your birth story!


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Stunning as always.
Amy m(non-registered)
Congrats again kiersten! Beautiful photos! It's always great to have that special time captured because as minutes and hours go by, certain portions can become a blur. I don't many photos of my 1st child's birth but a dear friend photographed my second. If there's a third, you'll be hearing from me;) kudos, again:)

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