Sobecki Photography {Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley}: Blog en-us (C) Sobecki Photography {Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley} (Sobecki Photography {Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley}) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:15:00 GMT Sobecki Photography {Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley}: Blog 120 47 Ice cream after?! yes, please. {Tucson Family Photographer} This family comes back to me time and time again and I love to see their boys growing up.  We've made home videos and done newborn sessions and family sessions all over Tucson - they are super laid back and amazing parents.  The mom is an ASL interpreter and she has taught the whole family sign language, which is way cool.  I took sign language in college, but if you don't use it, you lose it...and I have pretty much lost it.  After our session I followed them to the ice cream shop for some silly moments.




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When Tucson doesn't look like Tucson... {Tucson family Photographer} I love this family - Jenny is a photographer, herself, and has second shot a wedding with me.  She's a blast to be around and her boys are adorable, so there's that. Oh! And her husband keeps Werther's Originals in his pocket...which I love because it reminds me of my grandpa :)

Our location has a little stream and lots of green, it's a nice deviation from the desert or rustic Tucson look.  Jenny chose a pretty floral dress that looked perfect against the lush backdrop and alongside the simple wardrobe of the guys.  


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Family session in the desert {Tucson Family Photographer} This family is special to me. I shot their gorgeous desert wedding and since they live in Texas, I don't get to see them every year like most of my clients.  But they came to Tucson for a visit and I was able to squeeze them in for a family session.  Kelsey and Jesse are a super fun couple and watching them be parents I can see that that fun spirit is overflowing.  The boys are cute as can be and we had a blast roaming around the Dove Mountain area for our session.





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A new baby, a big sister and a cute pup! {Tucson Newborn Photographer} What a sweet family I was blessed to spend my morning with - a gorgeous home filled with love.  Lifestyle newborn sessions are always unique to each family.  I commit to capturing what is true and real.  Sometimes big sister isn't keen on being in photos, sometimes the baby cries, sometimes we stop for snacks... it's all good!  Austin was as sweet as can be and big sis was a blast to hang out with!  The last photo of the family giggling was a result of well timed toddler toot ;).  Sometimes I'm thankful for gas, too...  What else can guarantee a family belly laugh?



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And then they jumped in the pool! {Tucson Maternity Photographer) I don't usually do maternity sessions unless it's added on to a newborn session, but this couple traveled from another state to have their photos done in Tucson at Hacienda del sol, where they were married, and I couldn't turn it down!  Plus they wanted to jump in the pool... How could I say no to that?  The grounds were so beautiful and Amy & Sam were just lovely.  It was a very overcast day and that lends itself to the cool green of the desert, so I wasn't upset.  Sun or no sun, Tucson is gorgeous.


we found a heart shaped cactus - so perfect

and then they jumped in the pool!


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Twinning! {Tucson family Photography} We hit a couple of great locations here in Tucson for this adorable family with boy/girl twins.  The weather and the wardrobe were on point and I couldn't be happier with the photos... I delivered 100 images because there was just too much cute!



Gotta grab those dangling shiny objects!

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Family session full of outtakes! ~ Tucson Family Photographer: Sobecki Photography You guys are going to love this one.

This family session provided me with some of my favorite outtakes... and I LOVE me some outtakes.  Our photoshoot was so fun for me, we shot at one of my favorite locations here in Tucson AND I was also their newborn photographer - so it was neat to see how big sweet Acelyn had gotten in a year.

Everyone showed up looking casual but still very trendy and put-together. I love their wardrobe choices.  Not too dressy, but still chic.  And just look at their smiles!  That's the greatest accessory.  One of the best ways to ensure a fabulous family session is to make sure that both mom and dad are into it... you know what I mean?  Like, dad isn't irked that he's missing the game or hates picture day and wants everyone to know it... moms are always pretty good about being relaxed and fun during sessions.  Even if they are faking it till they make it.  Dads are another story, they have a tendency to show up and kind of just put up with it.  I don't typically have that issue with my clients (anymore) because I make sure to communicate to them prior to our session that dad's attitude will totally set the tone of the session!  Kids look to dad to decide how they feel about picture day, so show them that you're excited and want to have fun and they will, too!  Well this dad had a great demeanor during our session and it shows...and it is contagious.  They had fun, I had fun.  And I delivered 125 images.  My website says I guarantee 30 images, but if I like more than 30, I give you more than 30.  I promise not to throw away photos just to stick to the number 30.  

I love how her little feet are crossed


My babies always went through a "scrunchy nose" phase, too - so adorable


Mom's arms... Acelyn's destination of choice 


I like to include photos of moms and dads helping out...and then getting out of my shot 


Worth the work!


their sweet


When the baby just takes over and it's perfection


Look ma!


I mean, c'mon! That's just funny.



How about a backhand to the face, mom



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Lifestyle Newborn Photography. It's mah jam. ~ {Tucson Newborn Photographer} So, here's the deal.  I love me some newborns, you guys know this.  I have decided that lifestyle sessions are my favorite.  It's the same approach I take with all of my work:  family photography, weddings and children... why not apply it to my newborn work as well?   I will no longer be setting up detailed studio shots with props and backdrops nor will I be putting baby into poses that seem unnatural or require two people accomplish.  Not because there is anything wrong with studio sessions - but because that is not what I want to shoot.  BTW - I enjoy ALL types of newborn photography - but what gives me all the feels, as they say, are the lifestyle images.  I have friends that do AMAZING studio sessions with newborns and I will gladly refer new mommas to them if that is the type of session they are looking for.  I ain't mad atcha.  But for me, I want to come to your home with just a few soft, neutral blankets/wraps/hair pretties and document every detail of your new baby in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, nursery...  Just snuggling.  Smelling their head.  Cuddling with the whole family.  Curious big brothers and sisters.  Feeding/changing/rocking the baby.   Capturing the nursery that you spent months decorating.  That quilt that grandma sent.  Giving baby a bath in the kitchen.  I want everything that shows up in an image to trigger a memory or an emotion years later.  The way your baby slept with their arms over their head or how they would turn their face into your neck while you rocked them to sleep and their breath was the best thing ever.  Let's capture all that good stuff.

Below is Everett's session from last month and I am in love with it.


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Tucson Wedding in the Lost Barrio at 242 Park Ave : Jessica + Omar Sparks literally flew when Jessica + Omar met... on the fourth of July.  She laughed at all of his of jokes and he knew right away that she was the girl for him because no one else laughed at ALL of his jokes.  Although, according to Carla (co-maid of honor...COMO), Jess laughs at everything.  They fell in love at the farmer's market and the science museum and during all of the dates that Omar planned so perfectly.  He wanted to show Jessica, a Tucsonan, all the best that San Francisco has to offer, but her favorite thing about San Francisco was Omar.


The wedding day began with preparations at 242 Park Ave, a fabulous wedding venue in Tucson, AZ.  The girls being all dolled up and having a great time.  They danced and laughed and I know that they will look back on those moments with such fondness.  The bride was lucky enough to have 2 maid of honors and they were all about her all day long.



Moment of silence for those gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets, though!  Tanya at In Full Bloom #nailedit for realz.  All of the details were on point, I'm such a details lover - I was in heaven.



The mother of the bride is a phenomenal teacher.  I know this because 2/3 of my sons are/were in her gifted class and they ADORE her.  I'm so thankful that she enjoyed my work and recommended me to her daughter and future son in law.  I have gone through all of their wedding photos and her eyes are on her daughter in the vast majority of them.  Even in the posed family formals!  Everyone is looking at my camera, but she is looking at her daughter, who has a new last name but will always be her baby.



The ceremony was intimate and meaningful, complete with a marriage lasso which the grooms parent's also had at their wedding.  And they sealed the deal with a kiss...or should say many kisses...


The bridal party was fierce, y'all. F.I.E.R.C.E!



Jessica + Omar were pretty fierce, themselves.


Ladies & gentlemen, Mr & Mrs pena:


The Mother-son dance was sweet to watch as they made each other laugh and swayed to the spanish music.

The mother & sister of the bride share a moment as they watch her dance with the 1st man in her life.




The rest of the evening was spent clinking glasses, dancing, laughing and singing along to Whitney Houston's, I Wanna Dance With Somebody at the top of their lungs.



They were sent off by their loved ones under a tunnel of sparklers... reminiscent of the Fourth of July.



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Lifestyle Videography & Why it's right for you! { Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Family Photographer } FUSION DOCUMENTARY SESSIONS

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You will love them.  Boom.  I don't need to convince you, right?  


Well, let me tell you why, anyway.  You will not only ADORE this session, you will want one every year.  EVERY YEAR I SAY!

You know what's not fun?  Trying to get a 2-5yr old to do anything "pose".  They are active and impulsive and posing, to them, sucks big time.  I'm just telling it like it is, here.  During a normal family photoshoot, I try not to do too much posing.  I don't want everyone looking stiff and uncomfortable.  I sort of just put you all together and let everyone get comfy.  If something looks off or out of place, I will correct it, but for the most part - I just want everyone snuggled up like they love each other.  2-5yr olds are my biggest challenge, so I will try to make a game out of anything I possibly can.  That usually works.  Awesome!  But guess what is even better?!  A Family Video session, that's what!  We get to capture and document all of that personality in a way that photos simply cannot.  The awkward way your 1yr old walks because she just learned last week.  The loud laugh your 3yr old emits when dad makes fart noises.  How your middle child snuggles you and you make sure not to let go first because you want him to stay there for as long as he wants to be in your arms.   

When you book your Fusion Documentary Session, you are in for a rare treat.  We will work together to plan activities that will show off everyone's personality and capture the things that you love.  Those fleeting phases that your children go through so quickly before they enter another phase that you also love even though you miss the old phase.  We will get photos and video.  We can be indoors or outdoors or both!  We can make it anything you want.  And the best part,  to me, anyway... Is that MOM gets to be in it.   C'mon moms, let's get you out from behind the camera.  You spend all year documenting your family with your camera or phone, in pictures and videos.  Where are the pictures and videos of you?!  How would anyone know you were there?! Thank God for the selfie, amiright!?   

I feel reallysuperdupercrazystrongly about these sessions.  I have a horrible memory, I always have.  I can't describe a single childhood birthday party of my own or a family vacation.  No joke.  I even ask my husband to tell me stories about MY OWN children's first couple of years because I honestly cannot recall very many specific details.  Example - Husband:  Remember when Colin did so and so?  Me: He did?  Was it cute?  What did I say?  Do we have pictures of that?   ...Now that I'm typing that, I feel like I should see a doctor.  Sounds pretty bad.  What was I saying....?  Oh right!  Memories.  I am always taking photographs and videos because I know that they are my memory, my external memory.  Just like my computer has a hard drive and I don't fully trust it, so I have an external hard drive incase my computer forgets something.  It's my back up memory.  You like that analogy?  I just now came up with it as I was typing.  *pats self on back*

My point is this:  These sessions are fun.  They are easy.  They are worth so much more than the dollar amount that I've chosen.  Your family's film will be watched many times over and by many generations.  If you value high quality photo and video, make the decision to document yourself with your family at least once a year.   Seriously.  Even if I'm not the one you choose.  You will be glad, your kid's will be glad, your grandchildren will be glad...and your husband will get over it - it's just once a year guys!


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The Heiner Family







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Awaiting a little girl { Tucson & Marana Family Photographer } Oh man, you guys.  I am dying over this session.  Julia is drop dead gorgeous, Derek looks like Tom Cruise and lil man, Kaeson, could be on the cover of a Gap Kids catalogue.  I call "no fair"!  

It was a  beautiful Tucson day and Julia brought me a Starbucks.  What a Grande idea...hehe.   What more could a photographer ask for?  We had a fun, laid back photo session.  

Want to know my favorite part about shooting?  I'm going to tell you, anyway.  It's spending an hour posing people, only to deliver images of the moments between the poses.  The giggling, the playing, the looks your kids give you.  


I'd like to end this blog with a moment of silence to honor Julia's amazing wardrobe choosing ability.  I'll give you something to look at while you are having your silent moment:

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Solomon's Birth Story | Tucson Birth Photographer I can't tell you how amazing it was to capture the birth of Solomon.  I couldn't believe that I have been wanting to photograph a birth for so long and it ended up happening on MY birthday.  Of all the people who could have contacted me, and of all the was meant to be.  

His parents, Kiersten & Daniel, chose to have a home birth and Daniel even delivered his son.  Watching Kiersten labor for hours was difficult.  It's not easy to watch someone in so much pain and not be able to do anything to help.  Not only that, but there I was taking pictures of it... She was so calm and Daniel was exactly how I would want my husband to behave.  He never left her side, he rubbed her back, helped her in and out of many different positions, he spoke calmly and quietly.  You know what else Daniel did?  When the clock struck midnight, he turned to me and said, "happy birthday".  

Kiersten is pretty much my hero, and any woman who delivers naturally.  I love me some epidural and can't really relate to other women when they talk about labor pains...I never had any.  She never screamed or got very loud, she was very much in control and focused.  She was amazing. Period.

 Their oldest daughter, Jade, was there as well.  She is 8yrs old and is just a really great kid.  We watched Frozen together and sang all of the songs and talked about how much we hate Hans.  My boys watched their brothers be born and my oldest cut the cord on my youngest, so I loved that Jade was there and she helped cut the cord, too.  It's something she will always remember, I know my son still talks about it.  Here she is having a little power nap with Grandma.

Solomon was born at 1:38am into the hands of his daddy.  He looked right at his mommy and nursed like a champ.  Kiersten is involved with Le Leche League, so she was pretty impressed with his superior latching ability.

Solomon weighed over 8 pounds and is absolutely beautiful.  

Congratulations to the whole family and a HUGE thank you from me!  I also really enjoyed my time with the midwives, Misty and Billie, they were so knowledgable, I feel like I took a birthing class.  

 I plan on accepting only a few births per year, between being on call, having 3 kids of my own and my other sessions, it would be difficult for me to do very many, but I LOVE it so much! So please contact me if you'd like to secure your spot on my calendar.  

Please comment below, I'd love to hear about your birth story!

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